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Our Story

Thank you for your interest in our story! We are simply a family who have found a passion and are working to share it with others!

My name is Barb Kreller.  About 6 years ago my husband Jason started raising bees as a hobby. I am the daughter of a beekeeper, and had seen what tough competition there is for natural honey in Alberta so I was nervous to say the least! When he ended up with a few hundred pounds of honey a few years later and asked me to help him do something with it, I wanted to find a creative twist to a very common product to offer something I could be proud of.

Through some experimentation and a bit of a long story we now have a line of 16 different flavours. Not only do we make delicious natural creamed honey, but we have created flavours like Bold Cinnamon, Extreme Lemon, Chocolate, Sweet Sriracha, Hot Wing, Golden Chai, and a variety of Berries. Thanks to so many customers and testers we have tested and revised the line in Farmer’s markets, craft shows, trade fairs and through word of mouth for the past 3 years. We have adjusted recipes and packaging along the way, and I am so happy with our quality of product.  Over the past 9 months we are excited to say we have a proven product, an AHS and City approved production room, and an ever growing number of fans and repeat customers!

It has been a crazy and challenging time, but also challenging and exciting.  If you have tried our products, THANK YOU for your support. We will keep doing this as long as people love our natural delicious and healthy honey.

thank you for reading this

Barb and Jay

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