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Hello!! We are the Krellers, makers of the delicious Sweet Infusion Honey! There has been interest lately in who we are, what we do, and how in the heck this happened! So if you are one of those, here is our story….enjoy!

Well I guess it began with me, Barb, as my Dad started his beekeeping journey with a few hobby hives and ended up a few years later with a mid-sized Honey farm.  As I was growing up my parents built up their business and would eventually run about 1,200 hives.  Like it or not, I learned a lot about bees and the honey business from my Dad, both working myself and watching all the work and passion that he showed us along the way.  I was a field hand, a winter laborer, an extra pair of hands during Spring and Summer Field Work, I helped run the extracting line during the harvest season, and I helped sell at the farmer’s market.  It was a lot of work, and I watched the ups and downs that comes with farm life, but it was a wonderful way to grow up, and I have an abundance of bee and honey knowledge.

When I moved away from home I moved to Edmonton to try some new experiences, and took jobs as a server in restaurants, attended NAIT and earned an Architectural Technology Certification, then spent years in the construction industry building my sales and customer service skills! Eventually I met and married a smart, hansom,  and hardworking man, Jason.  I stayed at home for 8 years to be with our two girls and unfortunately deal with a Pain Syndrome that had hit me just after having my kids.

My Dad has always talked to anyone who would listen about the marvels and wonders of bees, and my new husband was obviously a captive audience. After a summer or two of helping with Dad’s few backyard hives, he was hooked.  When my Dad gave him a birthday present of a hive a few years ago, Jason started his hobby hives and now loves his bees, the challenge of beekeeping, and everything that comes with it.

As our first crop started to come in….Jason realized he had a lot more honey than we could use so we started sharing and selling it to co-workers and friends.  During that winter, since that is slow time for beekeepers, we decided to start experimenting with flavours that we could use to compliment the honey and add some new excitement.  We realized we were onto something after a few batches and tasting parties with family and friends!  Our line of Flavoured Honey covers many pallets but they all have something in common, a bold, unmistakable punch of flavour that we have not seen in any of our competitors.

Once we had something ready to experiment in, I started by attending a small event at our Girls’ school, we were blessed to join the Salisbury farmer’s market in Sherwood Park, where I met and was mentored by some amazing fellow vendors and packaging suppliers.  This year we thrilled to join as a semi-regular vendor at the City Market on 104th Street, Downtown Edmonton. With some creativity, hard work, and learning from mistakes this past year, we have grown our little idea into something that people truly enjoy and returning back to buy over and over again.

This is still a new business for us and we are learning as we grow.  This website, social media in general is a challenge for us so if you don’t hear back from some message or inquiry… please try to email me (old school I know!!!)  at sweetinfusionhoney@gmail.com.  We thank you so much for your interest in our little business, we would love to hear from you, and I hope that you try out our honey and see which flavour is your favorite!!!

all the best

Barb and Jay

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