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About Sweet Infusion Honey

Sweet Infusion Honey is a family owned and operated local business in Edmonton, AB that makes a unique line of flavoured honey.  Alberta honey is known world wide for the high quality, beautiful color, and the balanced sweetness and flavour that comes mainly from our beautiful Canola and Alfalfa crops.  We deeply appreciate natural honey and have been involved in the industry for a long time, so we use that incredible resource that surrounds us and decided to get a little creative with it.

Flavoured honey has been around for a while now as a natural sweetener, with cinnamon honey being a simple, delicious, and common option. So that is where we started, by offering our Bold Cinnamon Honey.  From there, with some research, creativity and kitchen time we have landed on what we believe is a well rounded and unique flavoured honey lineup.  Extreme Lemon Honey, Chocolate Honey, Hot Wing Honey, Lemon Ginger Honey, and Raspberry Honey are just a few of our eclectic flavour selections.

Produced in artisanal small batches Sweet Infusion Honey has a special process to create a creamed style honey infused with natural ingredients for a delightful, healthy, completely new honey experience. This process allows our delicious flavour ingredients to stay mixed throughout the honey while remaining creamy and smooth.

Thank you so much for your interest in our company.  We are very excited to share our sweetness with you.  


Barb and Jason Kreller