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3 pc sample box

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A set of 3 of our sample sized jars of flavoured honey packaged into a sturdy gift box, hand stamped and sealed  in some combinations that work well together!

Creative Cook Set has our Hot Wing Honey, Sweet Sriracha Honey, and Extreme Lemon.  These unique and powerful flavours are perfect for the BBQ and smoker lover, or those who like to add Franks or Sriracha sauce into their dishes!  Brush any of them on ribs or chicken as a glaze, melt and use as a dip, or add to salad dressing for a special kick of sweet and heat. don't be scared of using the Extreme Lemon to make Lemon Chicken!! brush it on, or mix it with another sauce base as you typically do.  For the creative cook on your list.

The Essentials Set has our classic starter pack flavours.  Our famous Extreme Lemon which packs a punch and is perfect for most people (unless they hate lemon!) Bold Cinnamon which is absolutely classic and a perfect balance.  Most people find it reminds them of the delicious cinnamon spread that used to be available at the grocery stores...a perfect balance.  And our Chocolate honey is a hefty dose of real Cocoa with the goodness of pure honey.  It is classic and delicious to use on toast or waffles, or melt it into hot water and add a little cream, or into straight milk.  absolutely decadent.