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Gift sets

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Flavoured honey is a bit of a new thing to some, many people don't even know it is a thing at all!! Don't worry, this is really good.  We put together these sets so you can try, or share with someone who needs a little sweetness in their life. These sets come in a cute plastic bag, with enough popsicle sticks so the honey can be tried on the go.

We have made a 5 pack built with our most classic flavours Extreme Lemon, Bold Cinnamon, Chocolate, Golden Chai, and a Berry(a surprise based on our stock levels).  This set will come packaged in a clear bag with 5 sticks similar to the 3 pack in the photos. (The pictures for that don't work out, but it will be adorable)

Another option for the 5 pack is to select your own flavours.  If you choose this option,  you need to tell us what you want using the notes area of the Shopping Cart.  If you don't fill out the notes area we will give you a surprise mixture.

The pre-made 3 pack is all the berries in one set.  if you want a selection with other flavours, we have made a choose your own, so use that notes area again in your shopping cart to let us know the flavours you want.