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Bee School

students studying the bees in an observation hiveStudents try on the bee suit protective equipment

Sweet Infusion Honey's Bee School is an In-School Field trip program in the Edmonton and surrounding areas to enhance the Alberta curriculum on insects and bugs.  We have built our own observation hive that is sealed, safe and easy to bring into schools.  This unique educational tool allows the students to watch, learn and better understand these fascinating creatures.  Along with the observation hive, Barb Kreller brings visual aids, tools and protective bee keeping equipment, and samples of Honey, wax and pollen to expose students to as many facets of bee life as possible.

We talk about life cycle, the colony social structure, pollination, food and survival, and the partnership between honey bees and bee keepers.

Half and full day bookings are available depending on how many classes would benefit from the presentation.  We can set up in a library or lab and have up to 5 classes have their chance throughout the day, or set up in one classroom for an extended learning morning.


Half Day: $275.00

Full Day: $500.00

I have pricing for Girl Guide groups, and other non-profit organizations as well as Day Cares or Homeschool groups. 

For more information, or to start the booking process please fill in the information below and Barb will contact you as soon as possible.