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Sweet Infusion Honey

Bee School

Bee School

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Sweet Infusion Honey Bee School brings the wonder and delight of the Honey Bee to your classroom or group.  We travel around the Edmonton area in May and June visiting classrooms to share knowledge of the honey bees with a real hive of bees to learn from!  Safe and cozy in a secure observation hive our gorgeous honey bees are working to build their home and store their important assets like food and baby bees. We get to take a moment and watch how they interact with each other, calming fears and watching an incredible organism.  Our Bee School teacher Ms Barb teaches about bees, explaining their lifecycle, their work life, and all the amazing things they do in their short lives, as well as their importance in our environment.

Bee School is available in a half-day (3 - 3.5 hrs) or Full day (6-6.5 hrs) options.  This allows school groups to offer the program to 3-6 classes to cycle through the presentation, depending on the selected time frame.  We are happy to visit any group who are interested in having us. This is not limited to public schools, catholic and other separate schools, home school groups, beavers, scouts, daycares, and libraries.

PLEASE NOTE: We are willing to accommodate schools outside of the Edmonton area, but this could be subject to a travel charge of $75-$100 and will be discussed at booking.

When you book through our website you will not have to complete the payment.  Barb will be confirming details and payment arrangements closer to the selected date, but you should book on our calendar to make sure the time you prefer is held for you.

We are a private company, so we are very flexible and would love to find the perfect configuration that works best for your group, if you have any questions just email Barb at

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