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Frequently Asked Questions

*How do I use flavoured honey?

We love this question, and the answer is...anywhere you need a touch of sweetness! 

lemon honey tea setup

Use hot water with Extreme Lemon Honey to make a perfectly sweet and punchy hot lemon honey drink or Hot "Toddy" (with or without rum or whisky...just sayin') 

Use Lemon Ginger honey, Green Tea Honey, Mint Honey or one of our Berry Honey options to add a flavour boost to your favorite tea.

If milk or milk alternatives are your favorite beverage base? Bold Cinnamon Honey, Pumkin Spice Honey, Golden Chai Honey, Chocolate Honey, and Coconut Honey all make a delightful addition to your favorite latte. 

hotwing honey

You can also use Sweet Infusion Honey to cook! Of course we have the spicy sweet Hot Wing Honey that is sooooo good drizzled over your mostly cooked chicken wings, ribs, other bbq meats, cheese, meat alternatives or veggies for the last 5 minutes of cooking. 

Another yummy cooking option is our citrus line the Extreme Lemon and the Lemon Lime!  I recommend drizzling as a glaze on chicken or salmon towards the end of cooking, for a bright and unexpected flavour.

I have had people tell me about using Mint Honey or even Lemon Ginger Honey, to Oil and vinegar for salad dressing, and using Golden Chai Honey in a stir fry with rice, chicken, or many other dishes...I am definitely not going to pretend I have any creativity in the kitchen, but keeping things simple...that I can do. 

For a game night, charcuterie board, or night where you just need a quick snack! drizzled your favorite flavour over cheese for a yummy appetizer, or spread it on crackers for lunchbox treats. 

Charcuterie with Chocolate and raspberry honeyCharcuterie with bold cinnamon

Pro Tip... try this next time you sauté up some onions.

Get the onions to the translucent stage and add the Hot Wing Honey.  keep it simmering until it thickens a bit and looks good to you. The honey starts to caramelize which boosts the flavour even more! Use this culinary marvel on pizza, on a burger, on tacos, anywhere your taste buds desire.  Just make sure to watch it closely and keep the heat low, it can burn on a high heat for short time.

Click here for a link to similar ways and a few recipes


* How do I substitute sugar with honey in my recipes?

To use honey in place of 1 cup of sugar, use 7/8 cup of honey.  You also need to add 1/4 teaspoon of baking soda, and reduce another liquid in the recipe by 3 tablespoons.

The flavor and texture will not be quite the same, but hey, you may like your new version better than the original recipe! Can't hurt to give it a try, and when using flavoured honey...this is a new thing, let us know when you discover something amazing!

Please be aware that because of its viscous nature, honey is apt to make your baked goods more moist and dense.


*Does Sweet Infusion Honey have gluten?

Our Hot Wing Honey is the only flavour with the possibility of Gluten.   Honey itself does not have gluten


*Will my Sweet Infusion Honey get super hard?

With time or cooler temperatures this honey may become firm, but with some time in a warm area of the home, or 10 seconds in the microwave it will be soft enough to scoop.

**Random Barb fact**
  Growing up on an honey farm I had access to so much amazing honey.  Summer and fall were the best, with the fresh, liquid gold on a tap in our Honey House; but dang that stuff can turn rock hard!  As a true beekeeper my Dad always had natural honey stocked in our cupboard.. in huge pails! As pure Alberta honey does when you leave it alone, it crystalized and became hard and was such a pain to use!  As you can understand, hard honey is a bit of a child-hood issue for yours truly, so I am extra in love with our product because as far as we have seen it stays very scoop-able for a really long time.

* Will my Sweet Infusion Honey go bad?

 Nope it sure won't.  Honey is a marvel in the food world as it is the only edible product that will never go bad! The Ancient Egyptians left some for us to find 5000 years later, and it was still edible! 

The reason for this is that the moisture content in quality honey is very, very low.  We formulate our recipes to keep this true with our special product line. There are no oils or ingredients with moisture that will affect the natural structure of the honey.  A little crystallization may occur if you leave it in your cupboard for a long time, but this is a healthy and natural process that proves that our honey is as natural as possible! Simply warm it up until it is back to gooey and delightful and use as usual.

* Do you have any recipes to use Sweet Infusion Honey?

We are working on some actual measurement based recipes to offer for the use of our honey, but to be honest it is all down to the individual's sweetness preference!! So here are some non specific recipes that I have gathered.

* My absolute favorite and, about half of my personal honey consumption is to just scoop it and eat it straight from the jar!

* If you are in the mood for a hot beverage:

Grab your favorite spoon for your preferred sweetness, then add to a hot liquid -  tea, coffee, water, or milk of any variety!

* If you are in the mood for some sweetness in your typical go to breakfast:

Hot Options: oatmeal, toasted bread or bagels, pancakes, waffles

Add a scoop or "shmear" of Sweet Infusion Honey to the honey vehicle of your choice, let it just warm up for a second or two, and stir in, or spread around! 

Cold Options: smoothies, cottage cheese, yogurt

Warm the honey until easily poured. This will not take much, it is usually easy to soften and stir which will then remain creamy until cooled significantly.

Drizzle the flavoured honey over the food, or into your blender to liven up your smoothies!


I have to say, with all the side businesses I have tried, and the product sampling processes I have put myself through, my own local flavoured honey business has had many perks. The "toast parties" to develop the perfect flavours has to be my favorite by far! I would suggest being brave and trying Sweet Infusion Honey on something new or your trusted favorites!


I am so grateful to all of my customers to date who have taken the time to tell me how they use my product! I will continue to add to this, so if you want to know something...Ask away!