Fundraising is a crutial part of many organizations and teams.  Sweet Infusion Honey combines natural, beautiful and delicious honey with a simple and flexible fundraising program that gives back 30% of total sales.  Lets be real, consumable products are the way to go. People love and connect with food.  Why not offer the only food that will not go bad, and can be used for both food and beverage.  Our local honey has the extra punch of unique flavour to make it different than other honey companies. Use our delicious flavoured honey to make money for your group!

Why Choose Sweet Infusion Honey?

Supporting Local

  • Locally sourced honey
  • Produced by a local family
  • make a full 30% of all sales

Delicious and Good for you

  • This honey is SO good
  • consumable products have higher sales
  • our honey is unique
  • even people who do not like traditional honey can enjoy
  • Incredibly low alergy risk

Simple Ordering

  • In direct contact with the company owner
  • simple orderin process
  • flexible program can adjust to your group needs


  • Delivery of product within 10 days
  • Free set of samples
  • Sellers or customers can try all of the flavours before they buy
  • Variety of jar sizes and gift/sample sets are available

Contact us to get started